Mission & Vision


Making people healthy and beautiful, naturally.


To contribute whole heartedly towards the environment and society integrating all our stakeholder into our Family.

  • To effectively manage talents by building a leaning organization.
  • To strengthen and foster in the employees, strong emotive feeling of oneness with the company through commitment to their future.
  • To drive growth through quality and innovation in products and services.
  • To encourage decision making ability at all levels of the organization.


To contribute whole heartedly towards the environment and society integrating all our stakeholder into our Family.

  • Commitment & loyalty to institutional values and principles.
  • Integrity & Customer orientation.
  • Leadership and Innovation & Attention to detail.
  • Teamwork & Team Environments & Simple living, High thinking.
  • Social Responsibility & Environmental Safety.


We are open and transparent in all that we do and say. This applies to all working relationship and at every level. Involvement, trust and willingness to listen are the guiding principles for decision making. We believe in open communication, offer freedom to speak one's mind & demonstrate openness & clarity in all our actions.

Customer Focus

The underlying principle being that progress can be mapped only in terms of customer orientation, both internal and external, in all its spheres of quality, service and reliability. Our 'Customer Processes are proactive & relevant and are perceived a such by our customers. Customer delight is the vital purpose of our business. This necessitates providing quality, reliability & a high level of service in all our business dealings.

Leadership & Innovation

This stands firmly on a foundation of commitment and leadership in all that we do or say. Strong evidence is present in our actions, an emphasis laid on an opportunity to free fly and to set standards of excellence in performance. We strongly encourage and reward innovation at all levels.

People Development

People are our most important asset. We add value through result driven training, and we encourage & reward excellence.

Environmental Safety

Environment Safety makes the framework of all our activity. We strongly believe that safety of an individual only will lead to a safer society for our forthcoming generations and we earnestly vouch for that. All our processes, products and services aims at safeguarding our environment.

Supply Chain Management

We have developed a competent system for raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging & logistics which strengthens supply management. we have a vast network of distributors to bring smile to the face of millions of customers around the world.