Research & Development

In view of the fact that innovation represented the company's principal driver, the company continued to strengthen its R&D Infrastructure. The R&D department, located in mfg. unit at Haridwar follows an extensive process, introducing products that are safe and effective.


The Company’s research focus comprised the following priorities:

  • Successful completion of a series of tests required to develop safe and effective products.
  • Extensive study of a database of age-old tomes (granths) leading to the identification of effective ayurvedic formulations.
  • Innovative introduction of differentiated or improved products, offering a superior value-for-money proposition.
  • Adherence to specifications (raw material use, formulation development, flavour development, shelf-life testing, finished goods specification, validation protocols) apart from external certifications from the Drug Control Board.
  • Conduct of clinical trials in association with renowned ayurvedic hospitals and colleges.

R & D Strengths

  • Laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Highly qualified and respected scientists and ayurvedic doctors.
  • We brings the best of Ayurveda through scientific ways of herb collection, total quality control methods and latest production processes to ensure that the natural property and goodness of precious herbs and ingredients are naturally preserved.